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◆Robust solutions supporting best-in-class cloud services

Information communication technology keeps evolving at breakneck speed. This is especially true of the cutting-edge systems and resources utilized by emerging cloud services to securely exchange data between users and data centers whenever and wherever there is demand. NEC Communication Systems draws on extensive knowledge and experience in the deployment of network systems for telecom carriers, corporations and governments to provide robust network software, equipment and system solutions for the network infrastructure supporting cloud services. We are relentlessly involved in the research and development of embedded devices, such as for mobile terminals and automobiles, as well as information communications technologies with promising potential. Through cutting-edge technologies, NEC Communication Systems is contributing to the realization of a "smart society" that will enrich quality of life for everyone.

Business FieldBusiness Fields of NEC Communication Systems

Network Technology

NEC Communication Systems develops and offers software, hardware and development-based solutions for transport, access, and service & management network systems.

【Primary specialties】
 ・Operation support systems (OSS), business support systems (BSS)
 ・Network service platforms
 ・Mobile core network systems

Embedded technology

We develop software and hardware for embedded devices in mobile terminals, vehicles, information appliances and multifunctional office equipment, as well as provide customized solutions for embedded device development companies.

【Primary specialties】
 ・Software for mobile phones and smartphones (Android)
 ・In-vehicle embedded device software
 ・Embedded hardware and software for smart grids

R & D

We conduct research and development to improve current offerings and create new cutting-edge technologies that support new and existing business operations.

◆Supporting cloud services with network infrastructure technology

Cloud services are supported by an infrastructure spanning various network systems including transport, access, service & management and M2M. NEC Communication Systems provides wide-ranging network and embedded technologies utilized throughout this infrastructure.

Business Overview


Technologies that support the efficient exchange and long-distance transmission of data


Technologies that connect mobile terminals, computers, etc. with service providers

Service & Management

Technologies that help telecom carriers provide tailored services and manage payment

M2M(Machine to Machine)System

Technologies that monitor and relay device* status to servers to enhance operational efficiency
*Home electronics, automobiles, charging stands, etc.

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